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item imageExtractionsTooth extraction, exodontia, exodontics, or informally, tooth pulling.
item imageCleaningTeeth cleaning is part of oral hygiene and involves the removal of dental plaque from teeth with the intention of preventing cavities.
item imageFillingsRestore a tooth damaged by decay back to its normal function.
item imageOral ScreeningsAn examination performed by a dentist or doctor to look for signs of disease.
item imageImplantsA surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis.

Dentist Marion, NC

Marion D.D.S. has your dental needs in mind. No two people have the same mouth, and our team understands that. Each mouth requires different oral care, which is why our dentists shy far away from a one-size-fits-all dental practice. Instead, we provide the most personalized care possible. Our staff is all very knowledgeable in the work they do, making the lives of those in Marion, NC, easier. Dial (828) 652-2731 to schedule an appointment today!

Dynamic Dental Solutions

Call us today to learn more about our services. We're located in the downtown Marion area and are helping people smile bigger and brighter this minute through general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Going out of our way to ensure your visit is pleasant, we have earned several happy patients since our start. As a proud member of the McDowell Chamber of Commerce, these patients have left us nothing but kind testimonials. 

What Patients Are Saying

"Clean, Friendly and Caring Business that takes great care of the patient. All procedues are explained in a manner that is understandable." — Steven H. Bush

"Everyone at Marion DDS helps to alleviate any anxiety about going to the dentist and is helpful in answering any questions I may have." — Stephanie Roland

Our Marion Dental Services

  • Extractions: This is sometimes called exodontics or teeth-pulling.
  • Cleaning: Teeth cleaning is a part of our general dentistry work. We remove dental plaque to prevent cavities.
  • Fillings: This is how we restore a tooth that's damaged to bring it back to normal functioning.
  • Oral Screenings: This is an examination a dentist performs to look for signs of cancer.
  • Implants: A surgical process that interfaces the bone of the jaw or skull for dental prosthesis support.

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Whether looking for restorative dentistry or one of our more involved procedures listed above, we provide you with individualized dental care. Call (828) 652-2731 to schedule your first appointment with us this minute!

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